The Associated Press

Based in the Los Angeles, Sue Manning is a seasoned reporter for the Associated Press, having covered major news events such as the O.J. Simpson trial and the L.A. riots. A few days ago she published a story about Lorenzo, and oh my, has that stirred things up a bit.

The story first ran across the wires in the U.S. and was picked up by dozens and dozens of American news outlets including The Miami HeraldBoston GlobeSeattle Times,  Palm Beach PostBaltimore SunNew York Daily NewsSan Diego UnionChicago TribuneMSNBCABC NewsTodayNBC Todayand Yahoo! News.

Then, it went abroad–Santiago Times, Jamaica Observer, Times of India, China Daily News.

It was breathtaking–the website almost crashed. And it was also heart-warming–emails came from around the world with an outpouring of love, laughter and support for Lorenzo. There was even one from Calcutta with a picture of a cat named Gandhi–he wore little wire-rim glasses and looked as serene as his namesake.

There were calls from Fox News and Rachel Ray–both wanting Lorenzo to fly to New York and put on a fashion show. There was an offer to do a pilot tv show called The Crazy Cat Lady. And there was a film crew that wanted Lorenzo to stroll down Ocean Drive wearing a Versace shirt.

No bad for a cat tossed in garbage can at birth and left for dead.


About Lorenzo the Cat

A Maine Coon with the patience of a Buddhist monk and the soul of a philosopher, Lorenzo the Cat likes to wear clothes. Feline art photography by Joann Biondi.
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