The Bradenton Herald

The newspaper of Florida’s Gulf Coast reports on Lorenzo:

Talking Pets: Lorenzo is One Cool Cat

By M.K. Means – The Bradenton Herald

Have you ever wished you could put your pet to work, maybe as an actor or model?

Not all pets can be the next Eddie (of “Frasier” fame) or Morris, “spokescat” for 9Lives cat food.

But Lorenzo the Maine coon cat has become a sort of cult hero with thousands of friends or fans on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube, according to a recent article that came across the Associated Press wire. And he’s earning his keep with Joann Biondi — a free-lance journalist and amateur photographer who lives in the Miami area — through the prints, greeting cards and other items she sells on Lorenzo’s web site,

So what makes Lorenzo so special? It seems he’s a natural ham who truly enjoys modeling for Biondi.

The AP article tells how it all started: Lorenzo was 4 weeks old and living in a foster home with Biondi took him home to her Coconut Grove apartment.

It seems the mischievous kitten had a penchant for stealing her undies from the laundry and streaking through the apartment

One day, as she wrestled some clothes away from him, she decided to get even with him and put a spandex tank top over his head and onto his body.

Lorenzo was unfazed. In fact, he adjusted his shoulders, threw out his chest, held his head high and paraded around. It was his first fashion show, Biondi says.

Lorenzo is definitely not your ordinary house cat. Besides modeling, he can sit on command and loves going for walks on a leash (both of which even some dogs have trouble with, I’m sorry to say), and will jump through hoops.

Yet in many ways, he’s just your ordinary house cat.

The bio on his web site lists his hobbies as tormenting lizards, peeing in potted plants, napping on good books, chasing rubber bands, studying the physics of toilet water swirl and contemplating the meaning of life.

What a great gig.

Here’s the link to the story online:


About Lorenzo the Cat

A Maine Coon with the patience of a Buddhist monk and the soul of a philosopher, Lorenzo the Cat likes to wear clothes. Feline art photography by Joann Biondi.
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