Message from Mr. Zuckerberg

So I get this message from Mr. Zuckerberg. He decided that Lorenzo the Cat’s Facebook fan page is authentic and he’s designated it a Facebook “verified” account. He now has that blue check mark next to his name.  I could probably never achieve this myself. But then I’m not a cute cat with over 400,000 fans. FB Verification Message

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Work-in-Progress: Hemingway House

Just back from a week in Key West where we worked on some photos at the Hemingway House. We met several of the six-toed cats in residence, and can’t say that they too kindly to us. But this girl, Pauline, was love in love with Lorenzo. Image

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Work-in-Progress: Beach Days

Waiting for the sun to drop a little farther before we get to work. Cape Florida, Key Biscayne. Beach-Bag-Biondi

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Opening night, Cat Art Show Los Angeles

It was quite the happening, opening night of Cat Art Show Los Angeles. The gallery was so packed that there was a line of people three blocks long waiting to get in. Shepard Fairey and Tracey Emin showed up, and  so did a lot of interesting people and cool, LA hipsters. It was fun.

Biondi CASLA LA 1_Snapseed LA 2_Snapseed LA 3_Snapseed

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Media coverage, Cat Art Show Los Angeles

time HeadlineTime Logo


Meow, Meow, Wow! is what they all said. Cat Art Show Los Angeles got a lot of ink including stories in TIME magazine, CNN, CBS News, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, Buzzfeed, Fast Company, ArtInfo, Whitewall Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Daily Beast, Toronto Star, Los Angeles Daily News, The Wild Magazine, High Fructose, and Miami New Times. Here are links to some of the stories:




LOS ANGELES TIMES:,0,2913541.story#axzz2oQNHlquQ










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Cat Art Show Los Angeles

We are thrilled to be a part of Cat Art Show Los Angeles opening January 25, 2014 at 101/exhibit gallery. Lorenzo will be hanging alongside the works of Shepard Fairey, Tracy Emin and about 60 other acclaimed artists. Here’s a link for more info: art show la flyer_Snapseed

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Simon Tofield, creator of Simon’s Cat

I had the honor of introducing Simon Tofield, creator of Simon’s Cat, at Miami Book Fair International this weekend.  With his pitch-perfect pen, Tofield  captivated the audience by drawing a series of cats and showing how he creates his lovable but annoying characters. He inscribed a copy of his book (with a drawing of a Maine Coon cat) to Lorenzo. And he was just a sweetheart of a man.BiondiTofield EnzoBook_Snapseed frame



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