Honorary Degree

So Lorenzo was awarded an honorary college degree for being a “Fabulous Feline.” Now, if we can only make him wear a cap and gown for the graduation ceremony.degree

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Think Tank Gallery–Cat Art Show LA 2

Once again the art world celebrated the uniqueness of the feline form and oh what fun it was. Over 7,000 people turned out to see the show in downtown Los Angeles for the four-day event in March.A Collage 1 a collage 2

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Cat Art Show Los Angeles—the sequel

It’s back, and shaping up to be bigger and better than the first one. Cat Art Show Los Angeles 2, March 24-27 at the Think Tank Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. We’re happy to be a part of it. Biondi

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Rescue Proud magazine

The sexy centerfold in this month’s Rescue Proud magazine.


Rescue Proud

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The Coolest of the Cool Maine Coon Cats

In a feature story about how cool Maine Coon cats are, Lorenzo takes the prize as the coolest of them all. Here’s a link to the story:





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NPR interview: how to take beautiful photos of your cat

NPR‘s Ian Chillag interviews me about how I photograph Lorenzo and jumps on my lizard trick. Here’s the link to the podcast version for How to do Everything.



NPR image

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CatConLA: intense, crowded, fun

The first CatConLA was intense, crowded and fun. Over 12,000 people turned out. Every speaker had a packed auditorium plus and overflow room. Got to meet many Lorenzo fans who came to my session on photographing cats and then mingled with others at our booth in the convention hall. Also got to hang with one of my favorite cat people, Simon Tofield, creator of Simon’s Cat. Plans are already in the works to put it on again next year and I’m looking forward to being a part of that one too.

comp 1comp 2 newcomp 3

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